Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Making Lace

After a weekend of cleaning out closets, cleaning house top to bottom, including steam cleaning all the carpets (as well as my father in-law's house), finally finishing the "mending pile", odd jobs, paint touch ups, and organzing -- today is a rest day and the first real day of my stay-vacation.  It's raining here - beautiful, glorious much needed rain - a slow and steady rain - the kind that allows to really soak into the ground and not run off.   

Over the summer, I've been slowly going through our house room by room minimizing.  Somethings have gone to relatives and friends, Salvation Army (Thrift Store) and a few boxes when to the neighbour's boys - to sell at the Saturday morning "trunk sales" - their summer job.  It's been freeing to go through each room, getting rid of stuff which no longer has a purpose in our home.  See my earlier post on Simplifying .  I've been reading "The Joy of Less - a Minimalist Living Guide" by Francine Jay, and been working on Part Three", which gives practical advice on de-cluttering room by room.    The hardest and most time-consuming room so far has been my home office.  My small little office - a 8 x 9 foot room with a window, also serves as my sewing area and knitting supply room, books, filing cabinets, desk and computer.  This room is away from all the other rooms in the house and often becomes a dumping area - keeping the rest of the house clutter free. 

While de-cluttering I came across some crocheted lace I had made many years ago. I actually found a number of things stored away that I'd forgotten about, which I'll post pictures later.  I've been bringing these pieces that I made years ago out and using them again.


  1. the lace work is beautiful. Tried it once years ago but unfortunatly no longer have the eyes to focus on such tiny stiches. I agree that it does feel great to get organized and declutter abit. In a 2 bedroom apartment with a 6 and 10 year old I find it a constant and loosing battle. I've learned that you have to focus on one room or area at a time else you just get bogged down again. Right now I've decided to focus on working through my yarn stash. I currently have 4 large rubbermaid totes, 3 garbage bags and various "project" baskets hiding around. I'm making myself go through one bin at a time, finnishing anything of that needs it and using whatever yarn i find for new quick projects. I've joined a Swap group on facebook so hopefully i can trade my finnished items there, else at Christmas i will donate them.

    1. Your work is lovely. I have crochet a lot of doilies in my day. Gave all my books away on the subject. I always think of Diana in Anne of Green Gables when Diana is determined to have more doilies then some other bride to be. I remind myslef a few is nice, too many....tacky?


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