Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thrift Store Shopping

One of my favourite things to do is visit thrift stores.  After shopping at thrift stores, I rarely ever buy anything new anymore.  

I'd been looking for a hand towel for our small powder room.   The big linen stores want up to $25 for a single "luxury" hand towel.   Before my cleaning splurge this summer, I needed more cleaning rags and bought a big bag of old towels/face cloths for $2.99.  When I got home and opened the bag - Hidden inside was a perfectly good, clean, stain-free, "luxury" hand towel  - perfect for my powder room!


  1. My eldest daughter, who is expecting daughter number three, told me the other day that all her receiving blankets had baby throw-up on them from number 2.She said I would need to make new ones. I told her I wanted the old ones, to overcast and make rags out of! Same idea as you. This past week when the overcast machine was in the right coloured thread I casted over my good towels that had frayed. They will last a little longer now. Good shopping. Do you not find VV is getting more expensive though?

  2. I agree. VV is getting more expensive. Once in a while though you can still find a bargain. I like the Salvation Army better and we also have a BFM store (Bibles for Missions) which is quite good.

  3. That's a supe deal. I bought a good hand towel for my powder room also,but unfortunately I paid too much at Walmart.

    Good idea for getting cheap rags.


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