Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Biodynamic Prep Day - CSA Farm

Burying manure filled cow horns
I spent a day at our local CSA Farm with my daughter learning about biodynamic farming.  We helped with the fall preparation. Biodynamic farming concept was quite new to me, unlike anything I had heard of before.  Check out the link above on what biodynamic farming is all about.

Our local CSA practices biodynamic farming and this farm is also a teaching farm with a number of apprentices.   Our day started with a seminar on biodynamic practices/concepts and then we helped with the fall preparation.

Daughter taking photos.   Whole day was foggy
The fall preparation involves taking fresh cow manure and stuffing into empty cow horns and burying them into the ground to dig up in the spring.   Over the winter the manure in the horns turns into a rich fertilizer.  In the spring they are dug up and contents removed from the horns for use.

This past spring horns were buried filled with silica/quartz.  These were dug up while we were there, emptied and contents left to dry for later use.

Silica removed from cow horns that were buried in spring and left to dry for later use

empty cow horns


  1. Seems like a lot of work for a farmer. however with so many hands helping there it would be like a hobby.

  2. Hi Janet. I am looking for a cow horn burial photo for an online magazine launcing tomorrow featuring sustainable agriculture. Might we be get your permission to use the first pic in this post about biodynamic farming? Thanks so much. Lisa Frank


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