Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fall Hike Trip - Day 1

I recently took a three day hike trip with a group of hiking friends to the Bruce Peninsula along the Bruce Trail.  The Bruce Trail is the longest hiking trail in Ontario - from Niagara Falls to Tobemorey approx 850 km and over 600 km of side trails.  For three days we hiked various trails along the shores of Georgian Bay.  We had amazing weather - sunny every day.  I have hiked all day in the rain on other trips and it's no fun. 

Our first day on the trail was a slow paced hike, which gave the opportunity to really see and take in our surroundings.  We called this hike our fungi hike as the varieties of fungi/mushrooms on this hike was quite amazing.   I would like to learn more about mushrooms ie which are edible or not and how too cook them.

The trails on the Bruce Pennisula are quite rugged with high cliffs dropping to the shores of Georgian Bay.  Scenery was breath taking.

Day 1 hike in Pictures:
Map 35  - Bruce Trail Guide





  1. Oh Janet...what a glorious three days you experienced! The scenery is just breathtaking :)

    And all those mushrooms... the air must have been crisp and fresh. Thank you for sharing it with me is very cloudy here in the mountains, so a bit of sunshine went a long way.


    1. Do you enjoy mushrooms? Hope you know which ones are poison!


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