Friday, October 12, 2012

Just ...

I just recently finished knitting a sweater just for myself. 

According to our Knitter's Guild we should never use the word "just".  The word "just" has different meanings, however it's often used when showing our finished items at Guild meetings as I "just made this"  or "it's just a ...." sounding as we're not giving ourselves enough credit for our work. We're all guilty of saying it.  Every piece is a work of art and deserves praise and we should be proud of our accomplishments.  

Our Guild started a "Just Jar" to assist us in not using the "just" word when talking about our work.   Every time you say the "just" word you are to put a $1 into the "Just Jar".  Proceeds of the "Just Jar" goes to the raffle fund. 

I haven't made anything for myself for many years.  This pattern and wool came from Mary Maxim using 100% Acrylic worsted weight "Starlette Ragg" yarn.   I started this sweater over a year ago but it was put aside for other projects and now finished in time for fall wear this year.


  1. LOVE IT. So natural looking and stylish. Funny the 'just' thing. I always told my children not to use 'just' because it is like an excuse. "I'm just here because".. no you are there for a reason, not by chance! get the drift.

  2. Oh Janet, it looks so nice and warm... :)


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