Thursday, October 11, 2012

Many Faces of Poison Ivy

On my recent three day hike on the Bruce Peninsula along the Bruce trail I came across alot of poison ivy.   At times, while hiking we walked through poison ivy knee deep.  We had to be careful where we put our hands as we climbed rocky sections of the trail as poison ivy not only grows as a bush like plant but also as a trailing vine.

This innocent looking plant can wreak havoc on your skin giving you itchy blisters if the oil of the plant touches your skin and takes days to heal.

Avoid touching the plant. When it's unavoidable, take care removing your clothes after contact with the plant, turning your clothes inside out so you don't touch any residue which may be lingering on your clothes.  Also, take care in cleaning your shoes and hiking poles too.

A sea of Poison Ivy - on both sides of the trail

All the low green plants here is poison ivy

In the fall, poison ivy leaves change colour

a young poison ivy plant

All the red is poison ivy.  It looks pretty - but a nasty plant if you touch it


  1. Oh my goodness...that is one large patch :o That is one nasty plant. I still remember when I got poison ivy - awful!

    1. It is also alive throughout the winter. So if you react, know where it Dearest comes down with it every winter.


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