Friday, October 19, 2012

Puff Ball Mushroom

On our Bruce Peninsula Hike we found our first puff ball mushroom.
A friend shared a small piece of the mushroom with me - which almost filled a dinner plate.

After cleaning, and cutting up in large pieces, I fried in a little bit of butter.  I didn't add any salt or pepper as I wanted to know the real taste of the mushroom.   This is mild tasting mushroom and tasted delicious just the way it was.

Inside of a puff ball mushroom



  1. I cut up seven of them this year, one as big as a toilet seat. Cooked with onions and garlic and then put them in small baggies in the freezer for winter usage. Of course ate some right away. I went to the back last week and the remaining ones were powdery inside, too old.

  2. Wow, when it is cooked up like tht, it looks just like sauteed chicken breast! I have never seen anything like that mushroom! We don't grow many where I live :(

    In other news, I have a mug and bowl with the same blue and white pattern as your plate :)


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