Saturday, October 20, 2012

Re-Growing Food

Have you ever tried re-growing your own food?

Back in February I started the celery experiment.

I cut the end off the celery and placed in a small cup in my kitchen window.   Within a few days they started to root and in a couple of weeks they started to sprout new shoots.

Once the celery became to big for the cup they were transplanted into a pot with earth.   When it was warm enough outside and danger of frost had passed they were planted in the garden.  

Last week I was able to pick the celery, which stood over 18 inches tall.

Beautiful celery picked week of October 8th and stood about 18 inches tall.


  1. Janet do you not pile the dirt up against the plant as it grows? I grow mine from seed inside about 8 weeks before putting them in the soil. I put them in trenches and every week pile more soil against the plant. I is a mountain of dirt around the plant by fall. Sometimes I put plastic tubing around each plant when it is young (pop bottle middles) so they grow up straight. I'll have to try your method of starting the plant though.Seems easy enough. Thanks!

  2. What a great idea will have to try this! Didn't have much success growing celery from seed.
    Have been trying my hand with the tops of 3 pineapples I'd purchased last spring and so far they are doing amazingly well in the garden. Am looking forward to see if I'll get fruit from them. Might have to move them into the greenhouse if it really gets cold. Figured they were trash anyway may as well try. Can't wait to try this with the celery stalks : )


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