Friday, November 2, 2012

Counted Cross Stitch

I enjoy hand needlework/knitting/crocheting etc. and prefer it from sewing from a machine.   I do have a sewing machine and it has been used a great deal.   However, since I don't have a sewing room/table where I can leave the machine out, it doesn't get used as often unless I have a specific larger project I am working on.  Getting out the machine from the basement, setting it up, sometimes is just not worth the effort for small projects.  

Therefore, I much prefer hand work, where I can work on my creative projects and still be with the family in the evenings.   I can also take my projects with me wherever I go and work on them, ie waiting in the doctors office, on trips or whenever I have a few extra minutes.

These two pieces were cross stitched while my babies napped many years ago.   They are "counted cross-stitched" - my first projects without the pattern stamped on the cloth.  I much prefer now to do the counted cross stitch as it gives a much nicer finished piece.


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