Saturday, January 12, 2013

Learning to Re-Upholster Chairs

This weekend's afternoon project was to re-upholster my dining room chairs.    The fabric on the chairs as been there for almost 30 years and was staring to fray and had become quite stained.

Chairs like mine are easy to re-cover.   I flipped the chair over and un-screwed the chair pan.    I then used the chair pan as the pattern for cutting out the fabric.

I found a nice upholstery fabric at Len's Mill and because it was the end of the bolt, got an extra 15% off the price of the fabric.

I cut the fabric about 3 inches bigger than the chair pan.  Using a staple gun, I tightly stapled the fabric onto the chair pan, leaving the previous covering for added cushion.   I then screwed the chair pan back onto the chair.

I scotch guarded the new fabric after the chairs were done to help reduce future fabric stains.

Unscrew the chair pan from the chair 

Use the chair pan as pattern for cutting out fabric, allowing for about 3 inches bigger than pan
  to fold over back  and secure.

Using staple gun to secure fabric onto chair pan

Finished  Results ! 


  1. You make it look so simple; love the Fabric btw.

  2. What a wonderful and EASY way to update our chairs! I have done this before but need to do it again!!

    Your chair is beautiful!

    1. Fantastic job. I really love your fabric. Need to get your way and get the wonderful deals at Glen Mills. I have three brothers that way but never get there.
      Easy wasn't it! Now try needlepoint chair covers!!

  3. Hi Janet, going to do the link up for Ontario Bloggers on my blog this Thurs, did not have an email to send you notice of this? Please email me @ and I will forward you copy of what I had sent to the others.

  4. I love the shape of your chairs and the change in fabric gives tham a whole different look, well done.


  5. p.s. remove the old fabric before you put the new on the chairs.


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