Thursday, April 4, 2013

Learning to use a Pressure Cooker

I'm always looking for ways to save money.    Over the years, I've learned to pare down the unnecessaries, cut out services we don't need, cook from scratch, clip coupons, cut utility consumption, DIY, etc. etc (see my other posts on frugal and sustainable living tips).... And still I continue to look for more ways to do things better, cut costs and save more.

I often choose tougher cuts of meat, or beans to cook to save money, however these take a much longer cooking time, hence more time on stove/crock pot, which uses up more electricity.... so is there really any savings in end?

Pressure cookers are back in style again and I've resisted getting one because out of fear I guess.  Hearing stories of the tops blowing off as a kid.  Today's pressure cookers are safer than they used to be.   So I recently broke down and got one, on sale - half price, plus a 20% of coupon.  And I'm happy that I did. 

The first recipe I tried came from a recent edition of the Canadian Chatelaine Magazine - called "Faux-Tisserie Chicken" with dilly potatoes.   A whole 5 lb chicken and potatoes took 20 minutes in the pressure cooker,  was easy to make and delicious.


  1. I purchased a large pressure canner but will not work with my stove. I bought a propane cooker to use but still havent worked up the nerve to use it. My mother put the fear in me when I was young to stay away from it while it was cooking. She kept saying she didn't want to blow me up!

    I think I will purchase a smaller one and start with that.

    1. I have a pressure cooker and use it for potatoes and rice. Actually anything. Dearest bought it for me last year. But then i realized it was made of aluminium and I have stopped using it. Since Dat had dementia no use edging this disease on to the next generation and aluminium is known to cause alzhimers.

  2. never every used a pressure cooker, but my mam had one and used it regularly. My mam also used to say the same Lisa, I hated when the cap thing used to rattle.


  3. i have a pressure cooker and use it for chicken soup, lentils,beans etc.
    it save a lot of time and money.
    love regina


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