Monday, April 22, 2013

My Green Time

There was an article recently in the Toronto Star Newspaper, entitled "Time to get back to the Green" by Paul Irish.

In it he states that results from a survey said Canadians are spending less time outdoors in parks and forests.  A 2013 Global green report also said that 90 % of the 4676 interviewed around the world said that forests/parks and gardens have a positive effect on the quality of life.  However, people from all over the world are spending less time outdoors, including children.  Backyards are being ignored too.

It's easy to see why less time is being spent out doors.  Have you driven through housing developments in the suburbs recently, where houses are built with only enough space to walk between and back yards are tiny and no room for a garden.  The houses are large.  In larger cities it's even more congested.  The stress of working longer hours and commuting has left little time to for much else.   It's also hard to compete where the lure of technology is inside homes, with TVs, computers, tablets,etc.   It's no wonder statistics say that today's youth are more stressed than ever, not to mention adults too. 

I was on a hike recently where two families joined the group with six children in tow.  The regular hikers were pleased to see so many children out.   But, each child carried with them a device of some sort.  All had cell phones and were talking/texting their friends, anxious to get back to them, or listening to their own music plugged into their phones, and asking when is this would be over. 

For me, being in outdoors - whether it be out on a hike, in my garden or going for a walk on my lunch hour is a great stress relief. 

Today was "Earth Day".  It was a sunny day, but still cool.  I couldn't wait to leave the office and get home and get some planting done; pansies in the front flower beds; spinach/radishes and arugula in my raised vegetable bed.

What did you do?


  1. I hung laundry out on the line, but really it was just because it was a sunny day. Isn't it a shame that children don't know the pleasures of the great outdoors anymore? When I was a kid, our mothers shoved us out the door at daylight and the only time we came indoors was to eat. Sometimes not even then, if we could convince one of the mother to allow us to have a wienie roast.

  2. I remember a couple of years ago walked down a new subdivision in Mississauga. It was so silent it was weird. I couldn't put my finger on why I felt so odd. All at once it hit me. It was a Saturday morning in May. Not one kid was on the street playing Shimmy not one basketball hoop was in the driveway. Not a child on a street full of families. I mentioned it to my friend and she stated this was an immigrate area of town. They are living the Canadian dream.Kids go to private schools, and belong to private clubs for sports. Mains come in to clean the houses and landscapers to do the lawn care. It blew me away. My kids wouldn't last a day there. They need their consumption of knee deep mud each day! To think of all the health issues down the road. Everyone taking in vitamin D! for me I am thrilled spring is here and there is so much to do outside. Good you got some planting done.


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