Friday, April 12, 2013

View from my Window

Southern Ontario is in the middle of an ice storm today.  School buses in our region have been cancelled for the 2nd day in a row.  Buses don't get cancelled very often and 2 days in a row is unusual.   The trees are weighing heavily due to the ice.   I was woken up early this morning, as our big Maple tree in our back yard, so heavily weighed with ice its branches resting on the roof was scraping the roof above me. 

Windows at the front of the house are ice coated and you can't see out.

Tree branches are breaking off with the weight of the ice, and chunks of ice are falling.   Fortunately we still have power (for now - but power is flickering and dimming often) and I am able to work from home.

It's cold out and I'm glad we have a wood burning insert in our fireplace, so if our power goes out we will still be warm and with the heat of the insert can boil water.

Situations like these are a good reminder that everyone should have an emergency preparedness plan in place.   Are you prepared if your electricity should be out for several hours or day or more?
Our region has an emergency plan and have posted a guide for families.   Its a great guide to get you thinking and building your own plan.

View from my front window


Flower box at my front window


  1. We had snow here, but not too much ice. One winter we had a huge ice storm and were without electricity for five days. After listening to the noisy generator (thank goodness we had that!) we found a way to fit in a little woodstove in our little house.

  2. We had a great deal of rain and more rain. April is always so unpredictable. m.


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