Saturday, May 18, 2013

My Urban Homestead - Spring Update

Over the last few years I've learned about being an urban homesteader and started to document my learnings.  Alot has been trial and error.   Most of the info gained is from other bloggers / internet and books, as not many "urbanites" in my circles garden.

Many books I have read are for different gardening zones/growing regions, so am learning what does best in my little urban homestead and what doesn't.  I don't get full day sun so am limited from growing well those sun loving vegetables, like peppers and tomatoes.  However, I have learned that kale, swiss chard, lettuce, etc. do well.

Mini greenhouse
This year have made a few changes to adapt to my growing conditions.   This year am trying out three different types of kale, two types of swiss chard, lettuce, mixed greens, spinach, radishes, arugula, purple pole beans.  Garlic was planted last fall and is doing well. Rhubarb has done well along with some herbs.  The last couple years have struggled with tomatoes in my raised beds.  This year, will try them in pots instead.

I added hoops to one of the raised beds and was able to start some cool weather veggies earlier this year.  End May - around the "Victoria Day" long weekend is traditionally the time when we can start planting annuals and vegetables, but can still run the risk of frost into early June. 

Today is the start of the long weekend so will be busy in my garden.

Tomatoes started from seed in mini greenhouse

Hoop house, covered in plastic


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  1. Your garden is looking great! We live in the ottawa valley where danger of frost is still probable right to the first of June. every night we have to haul the tomatoes in and out! I'm going to start my greens in the mini-greenhouse tomorrow. I had hoped to work on getting my raised beds ready this weekend but my fella is really sick with a bug so NOTHING is getting done that needs any kinds of tools. Sigh. Maybe next weekend.


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