Sunday, September 8, 2013

Stay Vacation ....

Our plans for a short summer get-away this year, the first in many years, got side-tracked.  So instead, it was another stay-vacation.

A stay-vacation for me is just not having to drive to work and put in a full day's work somewhere else.  Instead, I work just as hard at home, cleaning out closets and cupboards decluttering.  It's not much of a holiday, but it's a quite freeing experience to purge the house of stuff that no longer serves a purpose or needed anymore.   I was happy to pass on items to those who really want them and the rest went to our local thrift store.

Hubby was recently diagnosed with severe sleep apnea.  During an overnight sleep study he stopped breathing over 70 times in one hour, which would lead him gasping for air and snoring very loudly.  He now has a CPAP machine which he's to wear at night to keep his airways open so he can continue to breath.   Our vacation was side tracked so that he could get somewhat used to wearing the breathing mask and to sort out the pressure levels.   It's been over a week now that he's used the machine and the snoring has diminished by at least 75%.  The machine is very quiet, but takes some getting used to being attached to a machine, with a long hose to sleep.    In a few days, he has another overnight sleep study done, this time with his new CPAP machine where they will be able to monitor and adjust the air pressure levels to where they should be. 

I have learned a lot about sleep apnea in the last while.  It's a dangerous condition, which can lead to heart attack/stroke, not to mention a whole host of other issues when you are sleep and oxygen deprived.    If you know of anyone who has sleep/snoring problems, encourage them to seek medical attention.  It could save their lives.

CPAP Machine

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  1. Most people assume that sleep apnea is only for overweight or older people, but my 34 year old son has it and he's a little stringbean. Bottom line if you really snore loudly and are always tired, you should have it checked out.


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