Friday, October 11, 2013

Nothing is What It Seems .....

What started off as a simple painting project has turned into more of a summer renovation project, which is now turning into a fall project too.

Our family room, where we spend most of our evenings had 35 year old faux-wood paneling.  Over time the paneling has become faded and scratched.   It also made the room dark.  My plan was to remove the paneling and paint to freshen up the room.  Seemed simple enough... right !   To our surprise, when removing the paneling there wasn't much underneath, including hollow outside walls (which explains why it was one of the cooler rooms in the house). We've only been in this house seven years now and learned from the neighbours that when the house was built this room wasn't finished - was an extra expense at the time.  Most new owners opted to finish the room themselves. 

So began our renovation project.  Removing the paneling on the outside walls, insulating and dry walling.
Above the fireplace the paneling had been glued and removing 35 year glue has been a challenge. The project has been going at a snails pace when we can fit the time in and when added expenses will allow.

Hope to have the room finished soon as this room is used the most during fall/winter/spring.  The fireplace insert in this room is a major source of heat. 

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