Saturday, October 5, 2013

Old Plants ....

I read an article recently in the newspaper entitled "Old plants bind family roots".  "Passed down for generations, greenery keeps memories alive.  Some things bond a family more strongly than you'd think.  A plant is a legacy, a living thing that you nurture and pass on". 

I have a few plants in my garden and in my house that came from my grandmother's, my mother's, my aunt's gardens and from friends as well.   Each house I've lived in these plants have been with me.  I have dug them up from my gardens when moving and they come with me to our next home.  My Hoya plant, was given to me as a clipping almost 30 years ago.  It is still growing in the same pot, but have started many other pots with clippings.    A Christmas Cactus that a co-worker gave me a few years ago, is still thriving and has started another plant with a piece that fell off.   The ivy in my garden came from an aunt who has since passed away.   I have other plants which came from my grandmother's garden over 60 years ago. 

Every time I'm out in my garden it brings fond memories of those who nurtured these plants before me.

Hoya in bloom
Christmas Cactus


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  1. What a neat post. That is very heart-warming; I wish I had known enough to do that when my grandmother and aunts were maintaining their gardens. Thanks for sharing!


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