Monday, December 23, 2013

A View From My Window

An ice storm hit our area this weekend.  Twenty-eight hours without power.  This time we were prepared !

- We have a wood burning insert in our fireplace and had enough wood cut to last a few days.
- We were able to cook with the insert - and had a kettle of hot water ready all the time for hot drinks and washing dishes
- Our propane BBQ tank was full.
- Gas tank in my car was topped up the day before.
- We had a good supply of candles and matches and batteries.
- Our oil burning lanterns were full and ready.
- We had flashlights ready.
- We had a battery run radio so were able to keep up with the news.
- Cell phones were fully charged.
- We have a land line which was operational and didn't require electricity.  This was really helpful in contacting elderly friends to ensure the were safe and okay.

Some friends, who weren't as prepared came over.  We played board games by candlelight by the fire listening to Christmas music on the radio.

Alot of trees came down in the area as well as power lines covered the roads.  We had alot of large branches come down off our very large tree.  No major damage done on our property.  However, neighbours weren't so lucky.

Now the clean up begins outside.....


  1. Hi Janet, I have posted the Year End 52 Week Challenge; hope you sign on for 2014.

  2. Those photos are eerily beautiful. Glad you were prepared and that you came out ok.


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