Saturday, January 11, 2014

Soup of the Week #2 - Vegetarian Minestrone

basic vegetable broth
This week's soup is vegetarian gluten-free minestrone. 

I started the soup with a basic vegetable stock, added two cups of broth saved from making baked onions and the broth saved from a can of chick peas. 

I cooked up a large pot of beans using some in the soup and the rest have been divided into 1 cup portions for the freezer.

The recipe came from one of my favourite cookbooks "Nourishing Meals - Healthy Gluten-Free Recipes for the Whole Family" by Alissa Segersten and Tom Malterre.

The recipe is called Lentil Minestrone, however I made a few changes with what I had on hand.
Instead of lentils I added beans I had cooked up.  Instead of noodles, I added a cup of blend of sprouted rice/quinoa.  Also added a couple cups of chopped cabbage. 

big batch of cooked beans

Vegetarian Minestrone soup - yum !

One of my 2014 challenge this year was also get even more organized.

I started with the pantry - done !
Today also cleaned out my baking/spice cupboard and organized all my spices - now done !

So far, the lo/no spend challenge is going well and am keeping up with the 52 Week Money Challenge.

Added to the list is the 25 thing challenge.  Each week I try to get rid of 25 things that we no longer have use for..... done !

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  1. Your soup looks and sounds delicious.. You are doing so well with your goals.. Good for you..


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