Friday, February 7, 2014

A Visitor

We had a visitor at our office last week.   The picture was taken from our office window.   Our office is located beside the busiest highway that runs through Toronto - The 401.

The coyote seem oblivious to the traffic on the other side of the fence.

Although we are told that coyotes have been around us for many years, it is only in the last couple of years that I have been seeing alot of them.   I see them on my way to work in the morning and on my way home, running across the farmer's fields.  I have seen them as well in the distance while out hiking.   This time of year, sightings are more frequent as their source of food is limited and they are hungry.

The housing developments have been encroaching into their space.

Some things I have learned about Coyotes
taken from the following websites:
Living with Coyotes - Government of Ontario
Hinterland Who's Who - Coyote

NEVER feed coyotes.  Feeding causes aggression to humans.   Store garbage indoors until collection day.  Secure your compost bins with locking lids. Feed your pets indoors.   Avoid walking in areas alone with coyotes.  Avoid walking at dusk, dawn or after dark and carry protection if you do, such as personal alarm, umbrella, flash light, cell phone.  Never leave young children unattended.

If you do encounter a coyote, do not turn your back or run.   Like dogs, they will chase if you run.   Clap, yell, shout loudly, make startling movements. Startle them by opening the umbrella, using a flaihlight or activate an audible alarm.

Coyotes have well developed senses - hearing and smell.  They are excellent runners and capable of reaching 64 km an hour.  They adjust their hunting methods depending on the prey.

Coyotes typically prey on small animals ie rabbits and rodents and have been known to also prey on calves and sheep.   It is intelligent and playful, like many domestic dogs, but it is also a predator with a reputation for killing small farm animals.

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