Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Winter Wonderland

Oh, how I missed being out on the trails this winter.   

After the ice storm the conservation areas and trails were closed due to damage done and trails deemed unsafe. 

The main Bruce Trail through our area - Halton Hills is now open.  Work crews have been busy clearing the trails so that they are passable again. 

This weekend, I lead my first hike since Christmas.  I am a volunteer Hike Leader.   
It felt so good to be outdoors again.  I enjoy the winter.  I just don't enjoy driving in it anymore.

The air was fresh and crisp.  The temperature was cold.  It was snowing.  We have had a lot of snow and in some spots we were breaking trail.    

There was no sound in the woods, accept for the occasional chirp of a bird and the wind through the trees.

I do my best thinking out on the trails.  
Sometimes don't think about much at all - which is a break from the stresses of life - where you can clear your mind for a while and truly enjoy what nature has to offer.

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  1. We were so late getting started this year, and it was rough going. I'm really feeling my age this season. But I will persevere!


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