Sunday, February 2, 2014

Winter ....

View from my front window
We've had quite the winter so far.  Ice Storms, freezing rain, frigid temperatures dropping to -38C and lots of snow !   Yesterday we got it with another storm.  Shoveled the driveway three times yesterday and once again this morning.  The snow banks in our driveway are over my shoulders now and having difficulty shoveling the snow over the banks. 

The snow is beautiful, as long as you don't have to shovel it or drive in it ! 

Can safely say I am tired of shoveling.

Having all this snow is a good thing when it comes to our trees, grass and gardens.  We've had a number years of low precipitation and this is much needed to restore the water tables. 

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  1. Oh Janet, hasn't this just been a relentless winter eh? I remember winters like this years back, but we sure got spoiled by moderate seasons the past couple of decades.
    We had some more snow up here in the Ottawa Valley. (overnight) It's lovely and warm though. We have a huge tractor with a bucket and blower so snow isn't usually an undo hardship for us. The miserable cold sure has been another story though. Our wood supple is dwindling to a scary level. This coming week looks pretty warm so we have to hope the worst is behind us eh?


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