Sunday, March 9, 2014

Hiking Silver Creek Conservation Area

It was a beautiful day today for a hike.  The temperature started off cold (-18C) and the wind was bitter. However, after we were going for a while we warmed up and by noon the temperature had risen to about -11C. 

Lots of evidence of little creatures
Trail was well used and packed.   If you stepped off the trail you would sink a couple of feet into the snow
My new amazing icers
The spikes on these are quite nasty looking, however, they kept me on my feet - no slipping even on ice.

Park bench  - the snow is so deep only the top of the bench is showing.
Lots of damage to trees from the ice storm just before Christmas.  Lots of trail maintenance work to do come Spring.
Lunch stop on the bridge.   There were spots where the ice and snow is melting and the streams are running

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  1. Very nice. Glad you were able to get out into the beautiful sunshine. I've been sick as a dog and actually miss the exercise. Hopefully in a few days. And spring will come.


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