Saturday, April 5, 2014

No Bread... now what ....

I've given up bread.... gluten bread anyway.   The wheat/gluten substitutes are not the same and find them quite heavy/dense, crumbly and expensive.

So now what to use as a bread sandwich replacement ?

Collard greens ....

The leaf is large enough to hold a sandwich filling, roll and make a wrap.  The greens are sturdy  yet bendable enough so they don't snap and break apart and go soggy, unlike some lettuces. 

Collards are low in calories, have a good source of vitamin C, fiber and contain multiple nutrients and anti cancer properties.  They are also high in vitamin K, so those who are on blood thinners should eat in moderation. 

The filling for my sandwich in the picture is made with home grown sprouts, homemade hummus, grated carrot and radish.   Yum !

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