Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Seed Planting Experiment

I like to start my own seeds indoors for planting later in the spring and have had good success.

In my house little goes to waste and we try to re-purpose as much as we can. This year I had heard about using toilet paper rolls for seed pots and thought great idea .. I'll give this a try. 

I planted some seeds in re-used pots that I had purchased some plants from the nursery and others were planted in the toilet paper rolls.  Both were planted on the same day using the same earth, watered with same water (no fertilizers etc added)  and sat at the same window getting the same sun exposure.  After one month - look and see the difference in plant growth.   One looks healthy and green and the other is stunted, hardly grown at all, and colour is off.   There must be something in the recycled paper used in toilet paper rolls.   My daughter had similar experience using recycled paper egg cartons.   

Our town also offers free compost.  The compost is from all the green matter picked up on garbage days from the "green bins" that people put out.   Couple of years ago, we got a trailer load and used in our gardens.  One raised vegetable bed got the city compost, the other my own compost.   In the raised bed with city compost, very little grew and if they did, were stunted and sickly looking.  Others I have talked to who also got city compost said they had the same experience and would not use the city compost again.  

Makes you really wonder....   Lessons learned ....   !!

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  1. Thanks, this is helpful as I was going to use toilet paper rolls as collars on broc and cauliflower in my new veg garden, maybe not such a good idea. And I won't be putting any more cardboard egg cartons in my compost either if that's what it does to seedlings, trying to be as organic as I can. And I know what that lots of weeds and blighted plants go into city composts, why borrow other peoples problems, making your own compost is always better, you know whats in it! Thanks again for the info. Sherri T.


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