Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Signs of Spring

The snow is finally melting here.  It's been a long winter, compared to the last several years.  Some grass is starting to show.  The last couple of days have been in the single digits and tomorrow's prediction is 17C. 

 We had alot of tree damage from the ice storm in January.   
Lots of spring clean up around the yard this year
Most of this will be chipped up for mulch in the garden and 
anything too big for our small chipper will be cut up for firewood 
for next winter

Two of the neighbour's trees fell into our yard from the storm, which will need to come down.
Tomatoe plants started as well as some poppy seeds saved from previous years
More tomato plants sprouting
Re-growing celery.   Roots have sprouted and now ready to transplant into soil for later planting outside
Found some "blue" mason jars !   My favourite colour !
Re-growing nappa cabbage.  For later planting outdoors - probably not till later in May after last frost.

Rhubarb is showing signs of pushing through the ground

Garlic is also starting show
The last of the Kale from last year - survived our Canadian winter.

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