Sunday, April 27, 2014

Some Random Things

The temperature here is getting warmer......slowly.  Last night it was still hovering around  0 C.   During the day it is warm.   Today was a sunny warm day (over 15C) and I spent most of it outside.  Tomorrow is back to work and will be shut indoors for another week.   Weather is calling for rain all week...  April showers bring May flowers !!

Today I visited our local nursery.   Had a nice chat with the owner and was told the growing season here is about three weeks behind the usual.   I bought 10 x 15 kg bags of organic sheep manure for the raised vegetable beds and worked them into the existing soil.

Earth Day was on Saturday and there were a number of activities happening in our community.   Our small local mall had numerous displays from local conservation groups including a display for our local Halton Hills Chapter of the Bruce Trail Conservancy.   I spent Saturday morning working at our booth, meeting various people and introducing them to the Bruce Trail.

This week I....
  • Cleaned out the flower beds and raised vegetable bed
  • Cleaned up the last of the ice storm damage from January
  • Worked in 10 bags of sheep manure into the raised vegetable beds
  • Transplanted some perennials
  • Cooked a turkey today, which will do for a few meals for the week plus a nice big pot of soup
  • Knitting something for myself - which isn't too often.   A nice soft shawl made of soft wool/acrylic from Turkey.   It has a little "bling" to it with sequins in it, which is fun!
  • Made a big pot of Chili and froze some for future dinners
  • Re-routed the rain gutters so they empty into the pool under the tarp to save on water when it comes time to open the pool sometime in June.  With the week of rain forecasted, it should help on the water bill this year.
  • Rounded up another 25 things to purge - for the "purging challenge".   Bag is ready for the Diabetes folks to pick up next week. 
  • Planted radishes, peas, tatsoi and spinach.   When the temperature reaches at least 10C can plant the lettuces, kale, etc. 
  • Took a first aid course at work and am now first aid certified for another three years. 
  • We chipped up alot of the branches that fell from the ice storm for mulch around the raised beds and in areas around the house where the grass won't grow. 
  • Pumping off the top water from the pool onto the freshly sewn grass and clover seed.
  • Was approached this week to help with a "teach knitting lunch/learn" during lunch hour.  Would be a nice break during the day to do what I love to do.
  • Cleaned/vacumed and washed "winter" out of my car.  Scrubbed/washed the carpets to get all the salt stains out.   My 10 year old car looks almost new (inside !) 
  • Decorated some spring planters for the front door.
A shawl for me :)

Planted Radish, Tatsoi, Spinach and Peas

Wood chips between raised vegetable beds.   Rhubarb is coming up nicely.

Wood chips placed between raised beds.  Garlic is coming up nicely

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