Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Simple Knitted Shawl

At a recent Knitters Guild meeting our guest speaker for the evening was a mother daughter team from "Black Sheep and Ewe".

You can check out their website at for products and their event schedule.    They participate in events both in Canada and the United States

I bought two or their "bling shawl" kits at a very reasonable price.   The one shown in the photos is called "Perseids" - a composition of 65% dralon, 31% wool and 4% payette.  It also had sequins attached throughout the yarn which gives it some fun "bling".   The "Bling Shawl" kit came with two balls of yarn - enough to make the "Bling Shawl" or the "Bling Cowl" - both patterns were included.

The patterns are simple which a beginning knitter would be able to complete.

The second bling shawl will be posted as soon as it's finished.

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  1. hi janet,
    the shawl is beautiful!!!!!!!


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