Sunday, May 18, 2014

Love of Lace

I have a love for lace and over the years have collected numerous lace doilies.    A number of these were given to me from my mother, grandmother and from friends as they began downsizing their homes.  A number of them I have crocheted myself.   

My collection had grown and I no longer knew what to do with all these doilies and couldn't bear to part with them.  

I had a large open space above our couch in our living room that looked empty and bare.
So I decided to create some wall art !  


I used two used stretched canvas on 23.5 inch square wood frames.  
The canvases were then primed and painted with an acrylic folk paint found at a craft store in my favourite colour - Blue.   The shade I chose is called "Midnight" by "Folk Art"

 The fun part was arranging the doilies on the canvases, deciding which ones to choose and where best to place them. 

After a time of arranging and re-arranging I finally had the pieces in the places where I wanted them. 

I next hot-glued each doily in it's place.

These doilies also have special meaning - there are parts of my grandmother, mother, friends and myself woven into these collages.   
Now I can enjoy the intricate work of these pieces instead of having them 
shut away in a box.

The finished result .......


  1. Beautiful! What a great idea.

  2. What a fun idea!!!!!! Those are so pretty.


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