Sunday, August 24, 2014

Knitting for Charity

Manni in my back yard
Our local Knitter's Guild took on a project for the Alzheimer's Society of Peel this year.

For the last 16 years the Alzheimer's Society of Peel's fundraising program has included Teddy Bears - the "Forget-me-not Bears".   They have 450 bears available for sale and the monies raised go towards programs and services offered by Alzheimer Peel.   They sell their bears October through December each year.    Each year a different bear is selected and volunteer knitters are encouraged to knit sweaters for the bear. 

This year's bear is called Manni.   A beautiful soft cuddly medium sized GUND bear. 

                 "Teddy Bears bring a smile to everyone's face and warm the heart".  

Alzheimers / Dementia is a sad fatal degenerative disease that affects the brain.   To learn more about the disease you can go to the Alzheimer's Society web page.

I have knit up a number of sweaters for Manni this summer using up my yarn from my stash.   The pattern was provided by the Alzheimer's Society.   The pattern was easy and allowed knitters to be as creative as they wanted to be by adding cables, buttons, etc.

Here are my sweaters so far ..... 



  1. The sweaters are so cute. I think my granddaughter would love that!

  2. I'm glad Kira has a knitting Grandma! those are adorable Janet, and it's all I can do to manage to knit a dishcloth LOL!

  3. So cute! And a win-win situation. It's for a good cause, they're fun and easy to knit and it uses up your yarn stash. If you run out of yarn, I'd be glad to send you more!


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