Saturday, November 22, 2014

Big Decision

It was a big decision, but in the end it had to be done. 

Took me a while to make the decision.  I had been thinking about it since the ice storm we had last winter and the damage to our only tree in our back yard.

Many limbs were damaged, and still hanging in the top of our over 100 foot Norway Maple which towered over our two story house.

Took weeks before we could get anyone to come and even look at the tree.  Tree companies have been extremely busy since last winter's ice storm.  In the end after leaving messages for about five tree companies to call me... only one called back.  

We were told the tree was beyond its prime.   There was considerable ice damage and many weak limbs which, once this winter's snow ice got into them they would come down.  The tree was planted too close to the house and the root base was mainly on one side of the tree.  We've been lucky there has been no damage to the house foundation.  But, the tree roots have destroyed the underground plumbing to the pool.  

When we moved into this house seven years ago we had a major trim done to the tree.  It looked beautiful.   It gave us wonderful shade on those hot summer days and kept the house cooler upstairs.  It gave us privacy too in the back bedroom window.   

We had a choice... to trim again or to take it down.   After much thought (I'm a tree lover), we decided to have it taken down.   The tree wasn't healthy any more and a good strong wind could bring it down because the root base was mainly on one side of the tree and we were concerned for our neighbours, as the tree most likely would fall in their direction and crush their roof.   

The day came and three young guys came and took it down.  They started at 7:30 am and didn't finish until late afternoon and barely took a break.  In the end, rot had already started in the main trunk of the tree, so it was time.   

So much deliberation over a tree seems silly in the whole scheme of life when so much other "stuff" is going on in this crazy world.

Winter has come early for us this year.   We didn't get nearly the amount of snow our neighbours to the south of us in Buffalo did.   The roads here were terrible to drive on, lots of ice.  One day driving home the highway was just a skating rink and took every ounce of energy I had to stay on the road.   Cars were in the ditch and some were upside down.  The early winter has caught the public works depts off guard, so little was done for salting and sanding.

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  1. Love that heart pic! It was a hard decision but now you know you made the right one. I am hoping y'all have a fireplace with all that new firewood you have now!!!
    Raining and in the 60's here in Texas this morning.


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