Thursday, November 27, 2014

Elf on the Shelf

Now that we are Grandparents we are slowly being re-educated on the toy industry.  I am not one for commercialism, nor getting on the band-wagon for the latest and greatest stuff.  We are minimalists and in the process of trying to downsize.  

One of the most recent crazes is "Elf on the Shelf".   The story goes; Santa has scout elves, which he sends from the North Pole to watch and listen to children during the day.  Each night the elf flies back to the North Pole and reports back to Santa to help him with the "naughty or nice" list.  Each morning the elf is back before the children wake up in a different place in the house.  Children love to wake up and race around looking for the elf each morning.

Growing up my mother had a few elves that would come out each Christmas and would sit in the tree or in various Christmas decorations.    These elves sure took a beating as we would play with them by the hour.

Recently my mother gave me all these elves.  Some were in sad shape.  This one here was loosing his head, his hat was nearly gone and his body in bad shape. 
So, I decided to give it a new body using a little bit of flannel fabric in red and white.
I took apart it's body and used the existing body as a pattern and cut out new parts and sewed them together by hand. 

I re-used the existing stuffing - straw in the main part it's body.  The legs and arms were rolled up newspaper.  By the looks of the newspaper, you have an idea where this first elf was originally made. 
Wish I could read what this newspaper says.

This elf has a new body and has been adopted by a new home now.

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  1. Thank You. I inherited a vintage Elf and after a year in our shed his body was beyond repair. His head is in pretty good shape so I've been looking for how to restore or replace his body, this was the first real helpful page! Thanks!


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