Sunday, January 4, 2015


For the first time I took a trip away for Christmas to visit family for almost three weeks.  I travelled over 4,500 km to a part of our country that I had never been before.

For the first time I didn't cook and plan for Christmas dinner and because I left home well before Christmas, all my gifts were made and wrapped well ahead of time and baking done early.   For the first time, it was the most relaxing Christmas spent.  No rushing and no stress, no last minute preparedness.    I left on the trip with no agenda, accept for my flight itineraries and anticipation of spending time with family. 

For the first ten days of the trip I slept almost ten hours each night - unusual for me - so I must have needed it.  Since the northern part of the country I was in, the sun didn't rise until almost 9 am and set around 3:30pm in the afternoon, the darkness sure helped with sleeping.  I didn't have an alarm clock, I didn't have an agenda or somewhere I needed to be - just to enjoy what the day had to offer.    I left behind the stresses of my world behind.  I didn't think about work for almost the entire trip and the stresses which work brings.  For the last few months, as our company has gone through many changes, I've watched long term colleagues being let go as their jobs disappear and wonder if my turn will also come soon.  I can't say I didn't think about it occasionally, but my mind wasn't surrounded by it as it was at home and in the office.

For three weeks, I didn't read a newspaper, or listen to the news.  We are living in crazy times and I didn't realize how much the news of the world was pulling me down.   Instead, I had fun playing with my almost two year old granddaughter in the snow, building snowmen, reading stories, baking cake, making paper snowflakes, and taking walks outside. I was even able to calm my brain long enough to read without distraction.  My world slowed down and feel like I've been away for a long time. 

Tomorrow it's back to work.  As I write this it's freezing rain outside and the trees are coated with ice and reminds me of the ice storms we have had the last couple of years around this time of year.   I reflect on my time away and want to keep the slowness and calm that I experienced the last few weeks and what can I do to keep that.

Saw my first moose while out hiking
Sunset on the mountain

Hiking in the Canadian Rockies

 Amazing views while out hiking that just took my breath away.  
I just stood there for a long time just looking, breathing the fresh crisp air
 and taking it all in.  

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  1. Janet...Happy New Year! What a gift to have such a blessed and relaxing end of the year. Such beautiful pictures you have shared here. I can hear the wind blowing through the pines.... I don't read the papers at all. The news tend to overwhelm me. ... mari


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