Sunday, March 22, 2015

Credit Valley Foot Path Hike - March 22, 2015

Another beautiful day for hiking.   The weather dropped considerably overnight and was about -10C on our hike, with a wind chill of much cooler.   The sun was shining and was so good to be outside.

I was out on a group hike and wasn't the leader this time.  It's nice to be a sheep once in a while.
We hiked through the floodplains of the Credit River, past the ruins of an old paper mill and dam.  Along the way there's an impressive CNR railway bridge build in the 1850s, recently widened which crosses the river.  Further south on the trail were the remains of the Barber Mill Dynamo, one of the oldest electrical stations built in Canada.    We saw lots of evidence of beaver activity.

Trails were icy at times and was very glad to have on my amazing icers clamped on to the bottom of my boots.  

We hiked approx 10 km and found a great spot for lunch looking high over the Credit River.

 Lunch Spot 

 Remains of old Barber Mill Dynamo

Credit River - Remains of Old Barber Mill across the river.

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