Monday, March 16, 2015

Into the Woods We Go

The weather here has finally warmed up to 0C and was a great day for a hike yesterday.    There is still lots of  snow in the woods, and the rocks on the trails are starting to show their tips, just enough to let us know they are still there.    The streams are running and there was lots of evidence of wildlife despite actually seeing any.  

We had a great hike yesterday in Speyside Woods in Halton Hills.  There were twelve of us out and we hiked about 8 km in about 2.5 hours, including a picnic lunch stop.

Lunch break 


  1. what on earth had dug out those holes in that tree? Freezing cold today!

  2. I was wondering the same thing! Did an owl make it's home in that tree? It was 80 degrees in my area today! Very unusual but I'll take it!

    1. Holes were too small for an owl. We're thinking woodpeckers.


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