Sunday, March 8, 2015

Is it Spring Yet ?

It's still winter here in Southern Ontario, despite what the calendar says.  We've experienced some very cold temperatures that we haven't seen in many years.   Some days dropped to -40 C with the windchill.    When it was at it's coldest we lost power for a day.  Consequently the furnace didn't work since it needs electricity.     But, this time we were prepared.   Over the last several years, the power has gone out more frequently in the winter, so we put a few measures in place so that we are prepared and this time it wasn't a such a big deal even though the it was terribly cold outside, even the car wouldn't start when it's this cold.

We have a insert in our fireplace and had enough wood cut for several days.  The insert gives off quite a bit of heat, so we were warm.   There is a ledge on the insert where I can put a pot or two and boil water and cook a hot meal.   I had plenty of candles and oil lamps for light.  I purchased a couple of years ago a solar powered/crank radio, which also had a USB port to charge a cell phone if needed and were able to listen to the news and some music.

Today the clocks changed  - "Spring forward" one hour and the first day of spring is just two weeks away.  This weeks forecast is calling for temperatures above 0 C, which should melt away the snowbanks in our driveway.

I'm itching to get back into the garden but everything is still in hibernation here covered in deep snow.  For now, I continue to enjoy the outdoors by hiking on the trails and dream of what I will plant when the ground has thawed.


 It will soon be maple syrup time here.  While out on a hike the woods we came across an area that had the tubing set up to collect the sap from the maple trees.  


  1. I hope some of the snow melts this week, as I am so over this Winter........

  2. Oh, MY!!! I am in Texas and we have had a few snow experiences lately! Totally UNLIKE Texas!! I simply cannot imagine all you are dealing with! Spring WILL come! Sooner or later!!!
    I am reading Little House in the Big Woods to my quadruplet grandchildren. They will be 3 years old in May. They loved the chapter about Ma and Pa gathering the maple syrup. I read this to them one night and then made pancakes with MAPLE SYRUP the next morning for breakfast!!


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