Monday, March 30, 2015

Season of Change

It's that time of year.....Spring...

The month of March.  You don't know what you'll get weather wise.   We started the month with fridges temperatures, snow, ice, warm temperatures, melting snow, freezing rain, more snow.  The month came in like a lion and as the old saying goes should go out like a lamb.    A season of not wanting to let go of winter and summer trying to take hold.

The four foot snow banks in our driveway have melted considerably and now barely visible.  The snow on the front yard has melted, showing some grass, but snow is still about a foot deep in the gardens.  The ground is still frozen.

I'm itching to get in the garden again after the long winter, but must be patient as there's not too much to do until May here.

There are also seasons in my knitting too.  During the fall so much is on Christmas knitting.  Since January my inspiration for knitting has been a lull.  In these times have a supply of cotton on hand to knit up dish cloths.  These, for me are quick projects and things I can do without too much thinking and at the same time feel I've accomplished something in the evenings.


  1. love your dish clothes, I am still plodding on with my baby blanket, haven't finished one ball of yarn yet. I like that pattern is it simple?

  2. Hi Gil - yes, its a simple pattern. It's a free pattern called "Plum Beach Washcloth" found on the website. You'll need to set yourself up as a member first though - membership is free. There are lots of free patterns on this site.


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