Friday, March 27, 2015

Steeking ....

At our local Knitter's Guild workshop I learned to "Steek".   I had never heard of steeking before until the Guild held a workshop at one of our meetings.

What is steeking ?

According to Rachel Henry - Steeking is technique used to safely and securely cut your knitting to create holes where you want them. It is frequently used with complex colorwork sweaters, because it is easier and faster to knit colorwork in the round."

Before the workshop we had some homework to do.  We  used Rachel Henry's Ravelry pattern called "Steek this Coffee Cozy" and knitted the pattern to the point before cutting.    This pattern knitted up a  nice fair isle pattern in the round.

Above is my completed homework.  At the meeting I cut down the center - between the two lines.  Then folded over the edges and picked up stitches for the ribbing.    I was little nervous cutting into my knitting, after the work I had done.  But it turned out just the way the pattern said it would !!  I'm not so sure I am ready to tackle cutting into a larger project such as a sweater just yet.  

Cozy after cutting and first ribbing in place. 

Finished Coffee/Tea cup cozy

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