Sunday, June 7, 2015

Bruce Trail Hiking - Crawford Lake / Nassagaweya Canyon

It was the most perfect weekend weather wise here.  Sunny, no humidity and bit on the cool side.  Black flies were not present and just a few mosquitos.   Perfect hiking weather! 

Today we hiked The Crawford Lake Conservation area.  We parked on Twiss Road (Map 11 Iroquoia Bruce Trail Club - 102.5km mark) and headed north on the main Bruce Trail through the Crawford Forestry Track.   The beginning of the hike was very rock and bit of a steep rock formation to climb. 

We continued on the main trail crossing over Guelph Line into the Crawford Lake Conservation Area and along the edge of the Nassagaweya Canyon.   A spectacular view of the Canyon.  We saw a family of turkey vultures perched on branches overlooking the Canyon.  

We then looped back through the Crawford Lake Side Trail and around Crawford Lake - a meromictic lake where the lake’s basin is deeper than it’s surface area, the lowest levels of water are very rarely, if ever, disturbed by wind or temperature changes. Without an annual turnover of water, there is little oxygen present in its depths and minimal bacterial breakdown, which preserves the layers of sediment that have built up over time. This build up provides an accurate record of the human and natural history of the lake and its surroundings. Studies of this sediment revealed the agricultural history of the Iroquoian people, and the presence of a pre-contact village. 

We had our lunch by the lake and looped back on the main trail and headed back to our parked cars.   We hiked a total of 12 km today in about 3.5 hours.  Was slow going over the rocks on the trail. 

Certainly a hike I'll do again. 


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