Sunday, June 14, 2015

Humber Valley Heritage Trail

Today's hike took us to the Humber Valley Heritage Trail, just north of Bolton.   The weather was iffy to say the least, and rain held off until we started the hike.  It rained the entire time we were out; four hours, 12 km later; we were wet, tired and very muddy.

BUT....... there were no bugs and the scenery was amazing !   Half way through the hike, there were signs stating the trail was closed.  We were about 6 km away from our cars, so..... we the happy hikers we are, were determined we would continue and see what was in store for us, even if we needed to do some bush wacking.   On wards we went and happy we did, because if we had turned around and went back to the car, we wouldn't have seen the most amazing scenery we did.  Yes, we were wet, our hiking boots soaked through, socks wet and becoming squishy inside and the trail was very slippery in the mud, but we continued on.   Because the trail was closed, there were times we thought we were lost, and doubled back to find the blazes, which didn't exist anymore.   Our hike leader has an amazing sense of direction and was able to get us back to the car.   We found out quickly why the trail was closed - a new by-pass highway ran right through the trail.   Still under construction, we were able to walk on it without any traffic and found the trail to continue on.

Was a fun adventure... despite the rain.    The rain was actually refreshing !

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