Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Choosing Colour

Can you choose colours quickly and easily?

I can't seem to.  I have trouble and over-think it, whether it be for paint on the walls, tiles, yarn, clothes ?  I have trouble.  My daughter, the fine arts major, can do it !! NO problem.  I took her with me to help me choose a paint colour for a room.  She walked into the store with me and right up to the paint chip display, picked up a colour and said this is what you want, let's go !   BUT WAIT, I say, I haven't seen the other colours.   Trust me shes says, that's what you want.  BUT wait, I can't decide.  "Trust me" she says ... you will like it. 

So I hemmed and hawed over the colours in the display, took them over to the window for natural light, under indoor lighting and an hour later, we walked out of the store, paint mixed with the original colour my daughter chose, still unsure of the decision.  And, do you know, it the nicest colour on my walls !

So why was it so hard for me?  I'm too practical, too frugal and always have lived on a budget.   I only want to do the job once and not have to repaint again because of a colour I can't live with, not to mention the time and expense to change it again.

Is it my age? Am I too practical?  Worried I won't like it once it's all done, and it's not what I wanted it to look like? Does anyone else have this problem ?

When it comes to the house I'm always thinking cost and time it takes to paint, let alone re-do it.  I think of the resale value and how it would show to a potential buyer.   When it comes to knitting/crocheting/sewing, I'm afraid I wont't like it when I'm done.  Again, I'm too practical / frugal and all the while I'm knitting I'm thinking who would wear this colour in my family - because that's who I usually knit for.   All the while I'm knitting,  I just get frustrated thinking am I wasting my time?, instead of enjoying the time of creating something new?

At a recent Knitter's Guild meeting I purchased a skein of multi-coloured yarn called "Painted Desert" to make myself a shawl.  It was bought on impulse, something I don't do too often.  Sometimes you have to take chances.


  1. that is so pretty, it's knitting up beautifully.

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  3. I also bought that same yarn on an impulse but have never done anything with it! Now you have given me some courage to dig it out and try it! Thanks!


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