Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Life Can Change in an Instant

First came the much needed rain, 

Which filled up all the rain barrels, 

Then came the hail, 

When the rain stopped I went outside.  Then, in an instant, down I went on the slippery stairs out my back door, and rather hard I must say.  After I landed, I knew right away something wasn't right as my ankle puffed up like a balloon, and it was a lot more painful than just twisting my ankle.  So off to the emergency department we went.  A couple of x-rays later, it was confirmed, I had broken my ankle.  I came home with a big ski-boot type cast on the first day of my two week vacation.   Six weeks, I was told the cast would be on and 12 weeks for a full recovery. 

It put a damper on my plans for my vacation, however, when life hands you a lemon, you make lemonade.    My first week of vacation was tackle the long list of chores I wanted to get done - wash all the windows in the house, clean the rugs, gardening etc. etc.  Well, that didn't happen and the list was put away.  My foot had to be elevated and iced to get the swelling down.  Since it is my right foot, I can't drive either.  This is rather frustrating, having to rely on others to take me where I needed to go.  Hiking has been put on hold for a number of months too, as well as a number of other projects I wanted to tackle.

But, oh well, it could have been alot worse and shudder to think what could have happened.  

What have I learned ?  
I try to do too much and am learning to slow down.    
I am learning that the chore list isn't important.  
I am learning to stop and smell the roses. 
 I am learning to just sit, which is a hard one for me, as I get restless.     
I am learning to rely on others to help and graciously accept the help.   
I am learning to really look at something.  It's amazing what you will see when you stop and really look.   
I am learning to focus again.

I am in week 3 now of my cast and am still learning.  
Still have lots to learn about slowing down.  
This has been a hard way to learn, but has now forced me to.

I didn't put in a vegetable garden this year and is just as well as I wouldn't have been able to tend to it. 
  Everything happens for a reason.   
My perennial beds take care of themselves, although quite overgrown right now.  But they can wait.

Instead, I sit and look and enjoy the view......


  1. So sorry to hear about your ankle! But what a wonderful attitude you have and thanks for sharing your lessons learned. We should all stop and smell the flowers! Yours are quite beautiful! Rest and get better!


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