Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Ultimate Surburban Survivalist Guide

Over the last few winters, we have had a taste of what it is like to have no electricity for a couple of days during the ice storms.  We live in a climate where winters can get quite cold and last winter the temperature dipped to -40C.   We lived through the 2009 financial crisis and are going through another economic recession now.    There is always something going on to remind us that we live in uncertain times. Many are loosing their jobs as companies are downsizing, droughts, wild fires, etc.  In Canada, the wild fires and droughts in the western provinces of our country  have put this year's crop in peril.

You can't change what is happening in the world around us.  But, you can prepare yourself and your family and put your own house in order, so when the bumps in the road happen, no matter how big or small you are able to ride them out.

I have read a number of personal finance and preparedness books over the years.  One of my favourites the "Ultimate Suburban Survivalist Guide - The Smartest Money Moves to Prepare for Any Crisis" by Sean Brodrick.    This book doesn't just talk about money.  It covers many topics such as:  Water; Food Storage; Smart Shopping - planning ahead; Gardening; Health; Medicine; Security; Power; Education and Entertainment, with suggestions/ideas you can do in and around your own home.  It will teach you about self-sufficiency and better preparedness.

The book is easy to read, practical, engaging and entertaining.   I first borrowed the book from our local library.  There was so much useful information in it that I got my own copy.   Let's face it - when you do need the information, and the power is out - your go-to on-line information won't be there for you.  

This book is a great addition to my own personal library and would recommend to anyone.

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