Friday, February 27, 2015

Knitting Catch Up

I've taken a bit of a break from knitting the last couple of months.  I did so much the last half of last year that just needed that break.  

Posting the rest of the knitted items I did for Christmas / birthday presents.

Matching Sweaters for little sisters - Age 2.5 and 8 months.
Knitted with yarn from my stash - washable acrylics.  
Sweater for 2 year old - using washable acrylic bulky yarn .
Mary Maxim pattern and wool.
Fingerless Mitts - knitted with the softest Alpaca yarn I bought while on a field trip with my
Knitters Guild to an Alpaca Farm.   Photo doesn't do this yarn justice.   It's a beautiful
warm chocolate brown.

Cabled slouchy Hat - knitted with a washable wool blend

Little sweater for a 6 month old - using an acrylic yarn
for easy washing

Monday, February 2, 2015

Abundance of Kale

It's a snow day here today.  The sun has finally come out and the storm has passed, leaving over a foot of snow to shovel.

I've been thinking about spring and gardening again.  After taking down our one and only old and very large tree in the back yard, I will need to re-think about what to plant in the way of veggies.  For so many years our tree gave a lot of shade and was able to grow cool weather veggies, not requiring much sun.  Now we'll not have any shade in our back yard.   Perhaps now I will have much better luck with tomatoes !

This past summer we had an abundance of Kale.  Curly green, curly red, red Russian and Dinosaur.  At the end of the season I filled a large wheelbarrow from our small garden.  I froze some, made kale chips but still had so much left over.   I saw on someone else's blog the idea (can't remember where) of dehydrating and making kale powder and thought to give it a try.   After washing and dehydrating the remainder of the kale, I put the dried kale into a blender and ground it up fine.

All the remaining kale I had now fits into a couple of mason jars of kale powder.   It takes up little space and has been so handy.  I used it in scrambled eggs, meat patties, meat loaf, soups, stews, smoothies.  The possibilities are endless.

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