Friday, May 22, 2015

Ever have one of those days ?

Ever have one of those days ?  I do, and seem to have had a number of them lately.

I told you about trying to book an appointment with my local bank branch and now I have another true story about my new one year, four month old stove.

About a month ago I started to cook two chicken breasts in my oven.  I set the oven on bake to preheat the oven, while lining a pan with parchment paper and putting the chicken on top of the paper.  The oven seemed to preheat awfully fast this time and not the usual twenty minutes.  I put the chicken in the oven and went upstairs to change out of my work clothes, into my jeans.  I left the kitchen for about 5 Minutes and as I was coming down the stairs I could smell smoke.  I went over to the stove and the parchment  paper had burned to a crisp, black and flaky and the chicken was cooked right through.  I immediately pulled the chicken out of the oven.   Error codes ran across the console of the stove.   I thought this was very strange.  I tried to re-start the oven, and got message "Feature Not Available".

The same thing had happened the night before when hubby tried to cook a pizza for himself.  I was out at the time, and came home to a smoke filled kitchen.  I asked him what happened and he said he didn't know.  I thought, perhaps he had put the pizza in the oven and then lay down for a nap and fell asleep, like he often does, or goes out to the garage and get busy and forget he'd put something in the oven.  But this time he said he didn't.

I right away called the manufacturer of the stove.  I called the 1-800 number for Canada - their head office was located in Mississauga, Ontario number listed in the owners manual that came with the stove.    I spoke to a very nice person, who said that the stove warranty was up four months ago and since I didn't buy the extended warranty, there was nothing they could do.  However, since it was so close to the warranty expiring she said they could cover the part and I pay the labour and would have someone out the next morning to fix.   Wonderful !!

I stayed home was able to work from home and waited for the repair person to show up.  No show, but did get a call from a service company to book an appointment.  I said I was told they were coming that morning.  Oh no they said we are booking a week out.  I asked what their labor charge was - $98 for first 15 mins and $112.50 for each additional half hour !!!  And I would also have to pay for parts.  I said that was not what I was quoted.

I next called the manufacture back and asked for a sooner appointment.  They promised to have someone out the following day and I would be responsible for all costs.

I took another day off and waited.  Service guy shows up - very nice and immediately tells me this is a safety issue and fire hazard - DON'T USE IT - UNPLUG IT !  He called the manufacturer for me and logged a complaint on the fire hazard on this one year, four month old stove.  I was told I would get a call back within 24 hours from their  "Safety Office".   I had to pay over $100 for him to tell me that my stove was a fire hazard and that the manufacturer should reimburse me for the service call.

It is now Friday afternoon.    I have now had no stove for two days.  Saturday, Sunday pass and still no call.  I call manufacturer on Monday morning.  Their systems are down and can't access my account and told to "call them back in 2 hours".  I wait three hours and call again, systems still down and "to call them back later".  Shouldn't the customer be called back ?

I finally reach their "call centre" located in Tennessee the next day (Tuesday) - a centralized location taking calls just for Canada.  I say I was told I was to receive a 24 hour call back from Friday and they say " Oh No !  that's 24-48 business hours (3-6 days) ! ".  I leave a message for someone to call me.

I finally get a call back Tuesday evening from the safety office saying they take safety seriously and will cover all costs, labour and parts to fix my stove and, as well would reimburse me for the initial service call.   I was told to call the service guy who came last Friday to book appointment.  I call the service company and they are all booked up for the next three days but could come on Friday morning.    It's now almost two weeks no stove.   Service comes Friday, replaces the main circuit board which was faulty.   My stove now works !! Yeah !   While service guy is at my house I ask, can he take a quick look at my fridge which leaks water on the floor.  He says it's a known issue with a faulty drain valve and should call manufacturer and they should cover the cost.  So, I call back manufacturer and yes, they will cover cost of part, but not the labour as your warranty expired two weeks ago.  They can't fix until following week.  Another day off work.

I finally have a stove and fridge that works properly (for now).   I learned in the process, as soon as something doesn't seem right with an appliance - call right away, don't procrastinate ! My fridge had been leaking on and off for a couple of months.

I didn't miss the stove too much.  This new "energy efficient" stove took twice as long to cook a meal as my old 30 year old stove oven did, so I had go used to using a crockpot / microwave or cook on the stove top.  I tend to cook in batches, so had a few meals already prepared in my freezer that just needed reheating.  The weather here co-incidently warmed up for the two weeks without a stove and was able to use the BBQ as well.  With a little planning it wasn't' much of an inconvenience.

By the way, I'm still waiting for the "cheque in the mail" to cover the cost of the initial service call I was promised.  It's been over a month now.   On my list to call them back next week.

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